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Competition drives price rivalry and overall value for consumers

There are around 150+ financial services companies in Australia and around 27,000+ finance brokers and advisers. Productivity Commission says, Many of the highly profitable financial institutions have achieved that state with persistently opaque pricing; conflicted advice and remuneration arrangements; layers of public policy and regulatory requirements that support larger incumbents; and a lack of easily accessible information, inducing unaware customers to maintain loyalty to unsuitable products.FairBroker© breaks this barrier. FairBroker© gives the power to consumers by providing a platform to consumers where brokers and advisers compete to provide best suitable product and quality service. Check out the video to see how FairBroker© works.

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Request A Deal

Tell us about your situation. Type of loan (Owner Occupier, Investment, Refinance), Your financial situation (employment,savings etc.) and Your loan preference (fixed, variable, offset account etc.) Please provide accurate information since the deals offered are based on information provided.

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Review Offers

Thousands of Finance Brokers will review your situation and provide you with competing offers based on your situation. You can negotiate further with finance brokers through messages on the platform. Your contact information is not visible to finance broker at this step.

Request Deal

Accept Offer

Select offer or negotiate further to get the best deal. Once an offer is selected, the finance broker who offered the deal will be notified and your contact details will be shared with them. Finance Broker will then contact you to collect document evidences required and sign the deal.

About Us

Win win situation

FairBroker® is a marketplace for mortgages that creates a win-win proposition for mortgage brokers, lenders and consumers. The Royal Commission into Banking and Productivity Commission enquiry have revealed stunning facts about lack of competition in financial services industry and changes required to serve best interests of consumer.

It is most often competition that can deliver the price rivalry between providers that is necessary for consumers to share fully in the benefits of having a strong financial system.

FairBroker® delivers the much needed level playing field and helps mortgage brokers and lenders acquire qualified leads by making sure competitive interest rate, quality of product and quality of service is the only criteria to acquire leads.

Unbiased mortgage advise

Huge number of mortgage products and lack of unbiased advise on mortgages is causing financial loss to consumer. There is not a single medium where consumers can transparently and easily find the best mortgage solution to match their personal situation. Brokers and advisers who assist and advise customers on mortgages face conflicting, unclear incentives from lenders. As a result, mortgage brokers and advisers have been found to favour few lenders.

according to 2018 survey of mortgage brokers, low interest rate on a mortgage product was not considered top criteria for brokers to select a mortgage product to be offered to their customers.

Mortgage bidding platform

FairBroker® aims to bridge the gap. FairBroker® turns the table around to ensure the brokers and advisers can understand the personal needs of the customer and transparently offer the best matched financial product to customer irrespective of the conflicting and unclear incentives. FairBroker® achieves this by creating an environment where mortgage brokers and lenders bid against each other to acquire leads. At FairBroker®, we believe in the following:

  • Mortgages should be personalised and match the personal situation of consumer
  • Consumer should always get the best mortgage product offered in the market
  • Getting mortgage should be simple and not time consuming

It is very important to shop around multiple mortgage brokers and lenders to find the right mortgage and get best deal

Mission - transparent and level playing field for mortgages

At FairBroker® our mission is to build a transparent and level playing field for mortgages. FairBroker® platform is free for all. We would like to ensure every single mortgage broker and lender has equal opportunity to meet consumer requirement by making FairBroker® a free and transparent platform. This is a win proposition to mortgage brokers, lenders and consumers. Latest statistics into mortgage broker remuneration indicate around 2/3rd of mortgage brokers in Australia are struggling to earn minimum wage not because they do not have access to best mortgage products to sell but they are struggling to invest in sales and marketing activities to generate leads to whom they can offer best mortgage product. FairBroker® provides these mortgage brokers and lenders a fair and transparent platform to access qualified leads and do the best by offering best mortgage and exceptional customer experience.

In the home loan market, lenders should be primarily competing on the best home loan product and customer service, rather than competing by offering higher commission to aggregators and brokers


Competitive and Best Mortgage Deals


Thousands of mortgage brokers and lenders will be competing against each other to find you lowest interest rate and best service. They may even offer commission share or additional services for free. Did you know it is possible for two different brokers to offer two different interest rate from same lender?

Open and Transparent Mortgage Marketplace

Open Marketplace

We create level playing field for mortgage brokers and lenders by giving our platform for free. Your deal request reaches large number of mortgage brokers and lenders, providing each of the mortgage broker and lender an equal opportunity to find best mortgage and offer a deal for you and win your business.

Mortgages from wide lender panel


The mortgage brokers on the platform cover all the lenders and aggregators in Australia. This ensures each consumer is matched against every mortgage product in Australia to find best mortgage deals. You get to choose the best deal to match your situation.

Lowest interest rate mortgage

Lowest Interest Rate

We strive to get you the lowest interest rate mortgage available in the market to match your requirement by engaging large number of competing mortgage brokers and lenders. We can save you thousands of dollars in interest payment.

Secure and Safe Communication


Your contact information cannot be accessed by mortgage brokers or lenders. You are in control of which mortgage broker or lender can see your contact information. We ensure you are not receiving any unsolicited communication.

Bank-Grade technology used to secure consumer data


Your data is anonymous and securely stored. We use bank-grade security technology and follow data privacy laws. All the data sent to our servers is encrypted using bank-grade security technology.



Is there any cost associated with this service?

No, there is no cost associated with the service.The service is free for consumers and will always remain free.

I am already working with a finance broker who informs me that he looks at wide panel of lenders before shortlisting the lowest rate?

Most of the brokers are affiliated to an aggregator. An aggregator is a software provider who funnels finance brokers application to few lenders who are registered on the aggregator. There is not a single aggregator in Australia who has all the lenders and their products on their panel. Additionally, finance brokers are not affiliated with more than one aggregator. This limits the finance brokers ability to get you the best deal because they do not have access to all the products from all the lenders in Australia. Additionally, Productivity Commission has found some disturbing facts. Productivity Commission has found that incentives offered by mortgage providers to mortgage brokers has resulted in certain mortgage products being recommended even when the mortgage product is not suitable for consumer situation.

There are many websites/portals who already compare mortgages. How is this different?

The websites compare only the mortgage products from lenders who pay them. They do not perform comprehensive analysis of customer's needs before recommending a mortgage product from the limited set of mortgage products on their website. As a result the rate you see in comparison result before applying will change when final approval is given. Additionally, they require you to submit application for each lender. The lender will assess your application and check credit score before finalising the rate that they can offer which is different from the rate that they showed you when you applied.

Does requesting deal on your portal impact my credit score?

No. Credit scrore is impacted when repeated credit check is performed. We do not perform credit check nor allow finance brokers to perform credit check on you. Once you select a deal offer, it is upto the lender to follow their procedure and they may perform a credit check after obtaining consent from you.

Why do you need my personal information?

The borrowing capacity and the interest rate that a lender can offer is dependent on the risk involved in lending. Finance broker will be able to make informed risk assessment and decision by looking at your information and provide competitive deal offers. Providing more and accurate information in deal request will enable finance broker to understand your situation better and provide competitive deal offers.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Please be assured that your information is secure with us and we comply by all the rules of the land. Your name and contact details are visible to broker/adviser only after a deal offer given by them is accepted by you.

Why do you need my credit score?

Good credit score from a reputable credit bureau allows finance brokers on the platform to offer attractive deals that may not be offered to those that do not provide credit score or those that do not have good credit score.

I do not have all the information. What do I do?

There is minimum information that we need before we publish your deal request. As long as you have the minimum information required, you can request a deal. Please note, the more information you provide, the finance broker will be able to better match the offer to your situation.

My credit history/score is very poor. Will I still get a deal?

Yes. We always get you the best deal available in the market that matches your situation

I am a sole trader, can I get a deal?

Yes. We have finance brokers who specialise in offering deals to sole traders.

Why will a finance broker come on this portal to give me deal?

Finance brokers get paid by the lenders for selling their mortgage products. Finance brokers are always interested in increasing their business volume and keen to sell their service.

How can I be sure that you are not biased towards a lender or finance broker?

We are an open platform where every single finance broker on the platform gets equal oppurtunity to sell their offering to interested customers.

Are you a mortgage broker?

No. We are not mortgage brokers. Our aim is to create a level playing field for all finance brokers and finance products to enable consumers to chose the best of the lot. We are a technology company that has created a market place for consumers to find the best mortgage through finance brokers.

What happens after I accept a deal offer?

Once a deal offer is accepted, we will share your contact information with finance broker whose deal offer you have accepted. The broker/adviser will then contact you to collect document evidence to support your situation as described in your deal request and sign deal documents

Will a deal offered and accepted by me ever be not honoured?

This is a rare circumstance. This can happen in the following situation: 1. You cannot provide documentation evidence to support information provided in your deal request 2. Any change in macro economic scenario or a change in lending criteria by lenders If for any other situation, the deal offered and accepted was not honoured, you will be able to report the finance broker to us and we will investigate further and provide reasons to you.

Can I negotiate further after accepting a deal request?

Absolutely! Our role is to ensure you found the best finance broker who can offer you the best deal. You can negotiate further with the shortlisted finance broker to get a better deal. We doubt the occurance of such a situation, unless you have not provided enough information in your deal request. Finance broker would have offered the best deal looking at information available in your deal request. If you have not provided enough information in deal request, you may be loosing out.

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