Is your data safe on the Internet?

The digital world is complex. Almost all the mortgage comparison sites, online mortgage brokers and digital lenders do not let you complete a form without collecting your email address and phone number. The nightmare of pesky followup phone calls and emails start after that.

is your data safe on the internet?

Have you ever wondered if there is a safer way to compare mortgages or shop around for mortgage without having to deal with pesky followup phone calls?

At FairBroker®, we understand how annoying it is to get those followup phone calls. It is for this reason that we never followup nor share your phone number or email with any of the mortgage broker or lender. When you create a deal request on FairBroker®, like other mortgage comparison portals or online mortgage broker or lender, we do collect your phone number and email.

How is FairBroker® different from other mortgage comparison portal?

The difference starts after we collect your information. Your contact information is never shown to Mortgage Brokers and Lenders on the platform. They are asked to look at information such as the property information on which you are looking to get a mortgage, your employment situation, your financial situation (assets and expenses). All that Mortgage Brokers and Lenders can do at this stage is make you an on offer with Mortgage Product. Our help file has more details around what information a Mortgage Broker and Lender is shown.

You will then be able to look at all the offers you have received and compare offers. When you are happy with an offer, you can accept the offer. Only after you accept the offer will the Mortgage Broker or Lender, who made the offer, be able to see your email and phone number. We can safely share your email and phone number because by accepting an offer, you have indicated to us that you would like to proceed further with the offer provided by the Mortgage Broker or Lender. You are in full control of who can see your contact details.

Please note, you can choose more than one offer. We have enabled this feature to ensure you can work with multiple chosen Mortgage Brokers or Lenders to ensure you are in control of the outcome.

It is our mission to ensure transparency and the best outcome for the borrower and hard-working mortgage broker. Looking for a mortgage or looking to refinance your existing mortgage? Create a deal request on FairBroker® and get unbiased mortgage advice and assured commission share from mortgage brokers.

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